Grant History

A HUGE thank you for the City Council and City staff for your support in our goal of having Heritage Neighborhood signs in all 5 sections of Grant Neighborhood. All of the signs proposed on the map below have been installed.

A Heritage Neighborhood 

Nearly all of the homes and buildings in Grant Neighborhood date from between 1900 and 1940 — earning Grant the first Heritage Neighborhood designation from the City of Salem Historic Landmarks Commission.  In addition to street sign toppers, a booklet was created in recognition of Grant's historical significance.

Explore  the Grant Neighborhood Walking Tour created by Virginia and Tom Green.

From the City of Salem Website:

The City of Salem (City) contracted with contracted Historical Research Associates, Inc. (HRA) to conduct the Grant Neighborhood Reconnaissance-Level Survey (RLS) Update (the Project). This effort expands on previous survey efforts, including a 2006 RLS of the Oaks Addition of the Grant Neighborhood (as bounded by D St. NE, Winter St. NE, Market St. NE, and Capitol St. NE) and the 2015 Grant Neighborhood RLS (Straus and Edging 2015). The Project involves re-surveying a portion of the 2015 Grant Neighborhood RLS boundary and entering the survey data into the Oregon Historic Sites Database (OHSD). The City wishes to use this baseline historic resource data as a basis for preservation planning and policy decisions within the survey area, with an objective to decide if the Grant Neighborhood maintains sufficient historic resources with integrity to be eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) as either a historic district or for inclusion in a Multiple Property Document (MPD).  Of the 108 resources included in the RLS, 70 (65 percent) are recommended eligible/contributing (EC); 36 (33 percent) are recommended not eligible/non-contributing (NC); and 2 (2 percent) are recommended not eligible/out of period (NP). This study included only a portion of the Grant Neighborhood; the majority of the neighborhood was previously surveyed in 2006 or is unsurveyed. HRA did not recommend the City pursue a MPD for resources within the Grant Neighborhood.

View the Project report here: First German Baptist Church and Parsonage State Level Documentation