Located at the north end of downtown Salem, Grant Neighborhood borders the  Capitol Mall and encompasses a beautiful, historic part of Salem. Nearly  all of our homes and buildings date to between about 1900 and 1940. Grant  was the first to be designated a Heritage Neighborhood by the Salem Historic  Landmarks Commission. We have one neighborhood park, Grant Park, which is  adjacent to Grant Community School. Grant Community School is a dual  language immersion school for pre-K through 5th grade.  The Grant Neighborhood Association was founded  February 2, 1976 and encompasses the smallest area of any of the nineteen Salem Neighborhoods. 

There are 5 sections of Grant neighborhood as shown on the map at left. It is the goal of GNA to have board representation from all of the sections. We're almost there!

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2023 BOARD

Executive Board Officers

Sam Skillern, Co-Chair — Cottage Street

Marissa Theve, Co-Chair—  Gaines Street
Susan Napack, Vice Chair
  Communications/Outreach —  Summer Street

Jeanne Boatwright, Secretary — D Street

Sub Committee Chairs
Lola Hackett, CERT Chair— Summer Street 


Elisa Anguiano - Norway Street

Mark DeCoursey - Shipping Street
Tim France — Gaines Street

Christopher Hackett — Summer Street 

Tina Hansen — Broadway Street
Laura HerrmannBelmont Street

Teresa JoslinCapitol Street

Cynthia Kavanagh — D Street

Nick Maselli Gaines Street
Aaron Terpening , Co-Chair — Church Street


2022 Civic Involvement Goals:
Spend down our Association’s Communications Fund Account for such things as: pop-ups; informational handouts; social media and real space involvement; and, historic sign toppers.