Hybrid Meeting June 2, 6:15pm

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Broadway Commons 3rd floor
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Belmont & Cottage Street Mural Project Scheduled for July 4 Weekend

Our neighborhood will be the first to participate in Salem’s Street Painting Program. In fact, the initiative of our neighbor, Laura Herrmann of Belmont Street, the support of the Grant Neighborhood Association, and the “let’s do this” push from our City Councilor Virginia Stapleton fostered the creation of the new city-wide program.

Pending full approval of a new “community art” designation and changes to the city sign code, painting the intersection will take place this Independence Day holiday weekend, July 2 - July 4, culminating in a block party celebration on the 4th.

The team of neighbors working on organizing the project, including Laura Herrmann, Alice Herrmann, Greta Berquist, Susan Napack, and the mural artist, Erika Serrano Baker are asking for neighborhood feedback on the four designs that are under consideration.

Proposed New
Street Topper Locations:

Summer & D
Broadway & Market
Jefferson & Fairgrounds
Capitol & Gaines

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Saturday Market Booth!

June 18

July 23


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